Looking for a caring Nursery?
Looking for a caring Nursery?


Post House Nursery Fee Scale


Our fees have been set from 2009 and have not changed since, so in these financially stressful times, you still get a great deal.


• The fees are the same regardless of the age group

• All fees are on an 8-6 basis and any half days will be half of the daily rate.


Number of Days         Charge Per Day

        1                                       £44

        2                                      £42

        3                                      £40

        4                                      £38

        5                                      £35


The hourly rate is charged at £6.00 If your day is divided into part days, for example two and a half days, then you would pay:

• 2 day rate which is £40 x 2 plus a half day at that rate of £20 making (40x2)+20=100


If you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact a member of staff or on the website. 

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